Ebonys Monkey Business – Ebony handcrafts Tealights, Bookmarks and Winnie the Pooh Pictures at great prices.

_20181115_182445When it comes to handcrafted Tealights, Bookmarks and Pictures we say: “No one does a better job than Ebonys Monkey Business”.

The products are high quality and are made with care at great prices. They are ideal gifts for your loved ones.

Ebonys Monkey Business

Benefits of  buying gifts from Ebonys Monkey Business:

  • Handcrafted
  • Great Prices
  • Ideal Gifts for Loved Ones
  • UK Seller

For more information about Ebonys Monkey Business please contact her at: ebonyhaynes007@gmail.com or visit her Instagram page: ebonys_monkeybusiness