Carpet Stain Treatment

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Carpet stains! Where do they come from? Who did it?

No matter where carpet stains come from they are unsightly and need to be treated professionally to remove them from your carpet. Stain Treatment of your carpet means you don’t have to conceal the stain, spots, marks or dried in spillages, professional cleaning by Clean Smith can ensure removal of most stubborn stains.

Carpet Stain Treatment

Our Carpet Stain Treatment  process is an integral part of our Carpet Cleaning service and involves targeted cleaning. It begins by a thorough and professional pre-vacuum of your carpets. We then treat the stain with our safe and eco friendly cleaning products.

The whole carpet is then cleaned using our equipment and carpet cleaning process which includes a prespray treatment followed by a deep pile agitation of the full carpet area then a thorough deep carpet clean leaving your carpet stain, spot free, clean and fresh.

Spot and Stain Treatment – An explanation

Spot and stain treatment depends on what they are caused by. We will endeavour to note, identify and remove all spots and stains requiring treatment, however the total removal of some spots and stains is not guaranteed due to the staining/bleaching properties of some materials and liquids such as: bleaching agents, acids, permanent dyes, tannin, rust,  DIY spotting agents and other permanent stains.