Terms and Conditions

Our Promise
Clean Smith UK always strive to please our customers whether it’s Carpet Cleaning or Upholstery Cleaning. Our cleaning products and cleaning will be expertly applied so as to be caring for your carpets, the health of people, families, pets and the environment. Our Cleaning Services will be carried out expertly, cost effectively, reliably in a friendly and trustworthy manner by professionals.

Satisfaction Guarantee
As the owner and founder of Clean Smith UK Premium Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services we care about you, our customer and want you to be satisfied with our cleaning services.

Therefore in the unlikely event that you are not totally happy with our work we’ll re-clean the area again for FREE  – GUARANTEED (No more than once)!

Prices quoted on our website are a guide and will be confirmed on the Order Receipt prior to the cleaning being carried out.

There are no hidden charges to pay. What we quote for cash or card payment is what you pay.

Clean Smith UK reserve the right to change prices if your original requirements change once we have provided the initial quotation.

Minimum Order Value
There is a minimum order value of £40 for Carpet or Upholstery Cleaning unless otherwise agreed. This covers travel time and costs.

Payment Terms
The customer agrees to pay the price quoted by Clean Smith UK in full once the cleaning service has been carried out unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Payment is due in full upon completion of the cleaning service in Cash.
We accept Credit and Debit Cards – if used for payment there is a 1.5% charge.
We DO NOT accept Cheques.

How We Work
On arrival at your property we will:

  1. Ask you what is required to be cleaned.
  2. Review what cleaning work is to be carried out.
  3. Fill in the Order Receipt with your address, telephone and email address details.
  4. Fill in the description of the work to be carried out.
  5. Include a price for the complete job and add this to the ‘Order Receipt’.
  6. Ask you to read and sign the agreement to carry out the work.
  7. Carry out the cleaning work.
  8. At the completion of the cleaning work ask you for payment in cash.
  9. Sign and date the Order Receipt.
  10. Give you a copy of the signed and dated Order Receipt.

The Order Receipt should be retained by you for future reference.

In the unlikely event that you are not totally happy with our work, as part of our Satisfaction Guarantee we’ll re-clean the area again for FREE. You must make a claim at the time the work was completed, NOT after Clean Smith UK have left the premises.

There are no cash refunds for Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning once the service has been provided.

Appointments to Carry Out Cleaning
When you book a cleaning services from Clean Smith UK we will give you an appointment day and time. We will hold to that time unless circumstances demand a change. We will then contact you to rearrange a suitable date and time.

Please provide at least 24 hours notice prior to the Appointment Time, to cancel our Cleaning Services. Cancellations after this time may incur a service charge.

Our customers are expected to provide access to the property. If we require a key to gain access, this should be provided in advance and all intruder/burglar alarms turned off at the time of the appointment.

Customers need to provide us with free access to 13 amp 250 volt electricity, hot and cold running water.

Disposal of Waste
All of the cleaning treatment products we use are non hazardous, safe and eco friendly and do not cause harm. The water and dirt removed from your carpets or upholstery will be disposed of via the sewage disposal pipes, i.e. the lavatory. This is in accordance with current health and safety legislation.

Moving and Lifting
Our employees are very important to us and we must keep them safe from injury, they do not move or lift anything heavier than 44 lbs (20Kg). When required we can move furniture provided it is not too heavy for a single person to move.

We will help by moving light furniture such as sofas, coffee tables, tables and chairs. We do not move stereos or TV equipment, big screen TVs, pianos, beds, free standing wardrobes, heavy furniture or other large items. Heavy items will remain in place and cleaning will be carried out around these items; no cleaning will be carried out underneath these unmoved items.

When it is needed for upholstery cleaning we can move pieces of upholstery, e.g. cushions and covers. However it is the responsibility of clients to allow time for drying out before putting these items back in place.

As our customer you are responsible for the removal of furniture, ornaments, goods and items that are delicate and breakable. Clean Smith UK  will not accept responsibility for any damage caused to furniture, goods or chattels not removed by the customer unless damage has occurred as a direct result of negligence or lack of care on the part of Clean Smith UK.

Spot and stain treatment depends on what they are caused by. We will endeavour to note, identify and remove all spots and stains requiring treatment, however the total removal of some spots and stains is not guaranteed due to the staining/bleaching properties of some materials and liquids such as: bleaching agents, acids, permanent dyes, tannin, rust,  DIY spotting agents and other permanent stains.

Carpet Edge Stains
These dark edges around the skirting boards of a carpet, particularly noticed on light carpets, are known as ‘filtration soiling’ and are caused by dirt from draughts blowing through the carpet, they are normally ingrained and difficult  to remove, there is no guarantee that we can remove these.

Carpet and Upholstery Condition
We do not accept liability for any shrinkage or colour migration arising out of or as a result of manufacturing defects. We also are not liable for any adverse effects caused by cleaning agents or methods used prior to Clean Smith UK carrying out the work.

Once cleaning has been completed and paid for, we do not accept liability for any re-soiling after the cleaning of an area or item has been completed. Liability cannot be accepted for colour run or colour migration due to manufacturers using non-colourfast dyes. No responsibility can be accepted for claims arising from wear, fading, pile shading, rot, mildew or infestation.

Cleaning Materials
Clean Smith UK supply all cleaning materials and professional equipment required for carpet and upholstery cleaning as part of the job.

To ensure full protection in the unlikely event of a problem, Clean Smith UK has Public Liability Insurance covering up to a maximum of £1 Million. The policy will cover major accidental damage that may be caused by our cleaners covering personal injury, bodily injury and property damage as well as treatment risk insurance. This Insurance covers Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning.

Applicable Law
Our Services are governed by English law and English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes connected to our Cleaning Services.

If you have any questions or comments about our Terms & Conditions please contact us at:

Clean Smith UK
Woodside House
Ushaw College Grounds
County Durham

m. 07807 254 170
e. info@cleansmithuk.com