Why Clean Carpets Regularly? A simple question with a simple answer… They get dirty and need to be cleaned. Clean, fresh and hygienic carpets for a pleasant environment to live and work.

Like any other fabric material such as clothing, carpets get dirty, stained and soiled from use such as foot traffic from people and pets. They can also get dirty as well from environmental conditions such as dusty fallout from building or plastering work, cigarette smoke, food preparation and drink spills. A carpet can also start to smell old and musty if it’s not kept clean and hygienic – not a pleasant odour!

When dirt is allowed to accumulate on and in your carpet fabric and pile, life is significantly reduced. Harmful carpet mites and bacteria can build up. These all start to deteriorate what was once a fresh and clean carpet.

Why Clean Carpets RegularlyWhen a carpet looks dirty you are actually only seeing a small percentage of the dirt that has accumulated in the fibre and pile material, a substantial amount of dirt is buried deep in the pile of the carpet. You’ll see this when we clean your carpets, the spent wash water that we discharge in an eco-friendly way down your drain is allows filthy, full of grime and dirt particles. Our customers often comment how surprised they are at how much dirt we can remove by deep and thought professional carpet cleaning.

Normal vacuuming is not enough, it’s good that your carpet is kept clean on a regular basis, but the only way to really clean it is deep cleaning.

This is what we do when we clean your carpet:

After starting with an intense pre-vacuum clean to remove solid dirt particles such as dust, grit, crumbs and loose detritus from your carpet.

Prespray treatment using a 3 in 1 eco cleaning product that:

  1. Cleans even the heaviest soiling.
  2. Stain removes (general spots and stains *).
  3. Odour neutralises such things as pet odours and bad smells.
  4. Spot and stain treatment*.
  5. Deep pile agitation to enable the pre-spray to penetrate.

Then a thorough deep carpet clean that spray/brush cleans using a 3 in 1 eco cleaning product and at the same time vacuums up the dirty residual matter. This cleans and dries your carpets quickly.

Why Clean Carpets Regularly

Deep cleaning your carpet is our preferred cleaning method at Clean Smith because it loosens and removes most harmful dirt and ground-in grit which can cause serious harm to carpet fibers. Deep cleaning protects the investment you have made in your carpet.

The cost of cleaning is a small fraction of the cost of carpet replacement which also helps explain why cleaning of carpets regularly is recommended. It makes good economic sense.

Regular carpet cleaning will extend your carpets life, remove bacteria and carpet mites, and of course improve your carpets appearance – Why Clean Carpets Regularly.

* Spot and Stain Treatment – An explanation

Spot and stain treatment depends on what they are caused by. We will endeavour to note, identify and remove all spots and stains requiring treatment, however the total removal of some spots and stains is not guaranteed due to the staining/bleaching properties of some materials and liquids such as: bleaching agents, acids, permanent dyes, tannin, rust,  DIY spotting agents and other permanent stains.